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Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue and Make Your Salespeople Happy?

August 10, 2020

Over 7% of the phone numbers you collect today will be wrong within one year, but what if the phone number was not right in the first place? In addition to the wasted ad spend, your sales team will waste over 27% of their time correcting that bad data before they can try to connect with the prospect.

Problems with Bad Phone Data

So not only is each salesperson wasting 2 hours per day, but also think of the frustration they must feel dialling numbers that do not work. That wasted time is hitting your bottom line in wasted salary and lost revenue.

More importantly, your salespeople are also losing money. Sales is also one of the few roles where effort correlates with earnings. So, salespeople see wasted time as hitting their pay packet as well. The frustration of bad data could even lead your best salespeople to move on to their next role. Regardless of whether that data was entered in error on purpose or not, incorrect phone data is bad for business.

Three Tips for Improving Your Phone Data

There are three simple steps that you can take today to start getting the right phone numbers and stop wasting time and money.

Good Form Design

Many data quality problems stem from poor form design. First, every field should have an example of what you expect the user to enter and the format they should use. If you want to include a country code, provide a drop down so it is in the correct format. You should also ensure that your error messages clearly explain what is wrong and what the user needs to do to fix it.


Even with excellent form design, sometimes users will have fat thumbs. You need to add validation to the phone number field. Your validation rules sets should check to make sure the field has all of the parts you need to dial it successfully, ensure that the number is in the proper format and check for invalid characters.


Once it looks like a proper phone number, you need to ensure it has been assigned. Unfortunately, there is no systemic way to check if the number is assigned to the person who completed the form, but you can check to make sure that the number is not sitting in an unassigned pool.


When you consider the money wasted on getting the lead, the time wasted trying to correct that data and the revenue lost, bad phone data is hitting your bottom line. On top of that, bad data is directly hurting your salespeople so there are also potential costs for replacing your frustrated team. The three steps you can take to improve your phone data are pretty straightforward but can be labour intensive to implement.

LOLAMATIC makes this easy. We have been helping clients clean up their data for twenty years, so we have included all of the validation rules you need, partnered with the leading phone verification companies and then add our experience to explain the results and further optimise your forms.

Working with our implementation specialists, the LOLAMATIC code can be up and running on your forms in about ten minutes. Check out our phone validation for yourself and then sign up for your free trial.


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