The last software you will ever need to stop bots and baddies.


LOLAMATIC stops the baddies and jokers from entering nonsense and helps your goodies from making mistakes. Go ahead give it a try. Be as naughty, funny or as rude as you would like. You won't offend us. Over the last twenty years we have seen it all. Try it now.

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LOLAMATIC stops abusive traffic on your website without adding the friction of CAPTCHA. It checks names, email addresses and phone numbers in real time, giving you more flexibility to prompt your customers' for corrections.


LOLAMATIC is code that protects your web forms from spam and abuse. LOLAMATIC uses advanced intelligence and keeps automated software and nonsense from affecting your site. It does this while helping your valid users pass through with ease.



Increase Revenue

Prompt people to fix typos while they are on the form so you do not lose a possible sale.

Protect your CRM

Stop the baddies and bots, so all of the data in your CRM is real.

Remove Friction

Form hints, real-time prompts and removing CAPTCHA make your forms more user-friendly.

Optimise Ad Spend

Stop including bad data in your PPC optmisation.

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